The Power of One 1.11

November 1st - 7th, 2021

About the Power of One

On November 1 . 2020 we launch our inaugural Power of One campaign. Spearheaded with a video and launched via social media the Power of One campaign raised funds & general awareness about the role of clinical trials in advancing medical science and healthcare. 

Why is this important?

With awareness comes access to information, knowledge and choices that have the potential to benefit people’s health.

The Power of One is asking  you to donate one dollar as a symbol of recognition that everything starts with one: one researcher, one person participating in a trial, one new discovery can lead to new treatments that have the potential to benefit anyone of us.

The Power of One is a metaphor for demonstrating that one can make a difference.

One disease can change lives but so can one new discovery.

Where do the funds go?

People donating have a say about where their contribution could go. Research areas for this year are outlined on the donation portal. Part of the funds will also go towards supporting the ongoing work and awareness initiatives of the foundation.

We will be announcing this years fundraising result  at the end of November 2020

One Person, One Dollar, One Week

Join us in 2021

and let's see what the Power of One can do

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Thank you to our Power of One Sponsors

White Coats Foundation sincerely thanks our Power of One sponsors for supporting our mission to raise general awareness about clinical trials and the important role they play in advancing medical science and healthcare.